New Australia and Holland and the Netherlands

Paul Hannigan's chapbook Holland and the Netherlands is a set of twelve poems, all included in the Selected; they make sense as a group, linked by form and, less concretely, by tone. Holland and the Netherlands was published in 1970 by Pym-Randall Press (the press was named for its founder James Randall and his cat, Pym). We liked the simple design, and aped it for New Australia, a previously unpublished serial poem by Hannigan. New Australia does not appear in The Problem of Boredom in Paradise.

A copy of New Australia comes free when you purchase the Selected directly from us, either at the AWP conference in Boston this weekend, via this page, the Flim Forum blog, or our website (and only while supplies last).

Here's the last stanza of "Buffalo" from New Australia:
Really Jim
But Australia appears to be
deadd a special miscarriage
Uruguay from a distance
It's a rude, slangy thing, not to be missed.